Weird Scholarships

Weird scholarships are designed to reward you for being a little less than “normal.” We all have our own little quirks that make us stand out from the crowd, and these scholarships simply acknowledge those strange quirks through financial assistance. If you are wrong in all of the right ways, you could very well qualify for one of the crazy scholarships mentioned below. Here is a list of some of the most random scholarships you may come across in college. You may find something here that is perfect for you.

How to Find Weird Scholarships

In order to find weird scholarships, you need to know what makes you “weird.” Perhaps you have a specific talent, like being double jointed or singing well. You may also have a special characteristic about yourself, like being tall or red headed. Whatever the case may be, you have to figure out what traits are unique to you. Then all you will have to do is locate scholarships that will suit your specific traits. If you have nine “weird” characteristics about yourself, you can look for scholarships related to all nine of them. You never can have too many scholarships to apply for.

There are plenty of resources for weird scholarships out there, depending on how you like to conduct your research. You could do some searches online based on the “weird” factors you have in mind, or you could talk to a counselor at your school to see if he or she has any suggestions for you. You may also want to speak with local organizations and businesses to see if they hold any scholarship competitions throughout the year. It can’t hurt to ask about financial aid because the worst that will happen is that you will waste a few minutes of your time.

Popular Weird Scholarships

Listed below are a few of the most popular weird scholarships around right now. You may not qualify for any of these, but if you do, click on the link for the name to find out more information about how you can apply.

  • Dannie Jasmine Mule Deer Scholarship: If you live in Nevada, you probably know what a mule deer is. Otherwise, this probably sounds like a horrible science project gone wrong. Every year, mule deer hunters in high school can apply for this scholarship to the University of Nevada. It is valued at $500, and it is only given to students attending the Reno branch of the school.
  • J.D. Salinger Award: If you are a fan of The Catcher in the Rye, you may be highly interested in this scholarship opportunity. Salinger’s alma mater, Ursinus College, holds an annual creative writing contest for students choosing to attend the school. The winner gets a $30,000 scholarship and a chance to live in Salinger’s actual dorm room from college. Even if you don’t care about the money, you have to enjoy the idea of that kind of opportunity.
  • American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program: This scholarship is incredibly easy to get. All you have to do is take a small quiz over fire safety to apply for the scholarship. The answers to the test are all outlined in a pamphlet that the AFSA provides, and you can use that pamphlet for the quiz. The only requirement you have to meet is that you are a high school student. Everything else is just a matter of answering questions.
  • Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest: This contest is used to honor high school duck callers who have a unique talent. Like most weird scholarships, this contest reaches a very limited group of people. You must be a high school student in Arkansas who plans to attend a college in the state to apply. First place winners get $2,000, second place winners earn $1,000, third place winners receive $750, and fourth place finishers get $500 each.
  • Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships: Have you always been stuck on the back row for group pictures? If so, you may be able to get money for all those years of back-row torture. You must be a member of Tall Clubs International to apply for this scholarship, and you must be under the age of 21. Men must be taller than 6’2″, and women must be taller than 5’10″. The awards range in value every year, so you will just need to check with your local TCI for more information.
  • National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Scholarship: do you have a little extra cushion for the pushin’? If so, you may want to consider getting a scholarship to highlight your perfectly imperfect body. The NAAFA provides a $1,000 award every year for college students in good standing with the organization. To apply for this scholarship, write an essay about fat acceptance and turn in to your NAAFA chapter. You can find out all the details from there.
  • Dr. Seuss “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Scholarship Program: The Dr. Seuss book titled Oh the Places You’ll Go represents everything that happens in life after graduation. This scholarship is held in honor of that book, and it is valued at $5,000 a year. Random House sponsors the scholarship, and they make it available for all high school seniors. All you have to do to qualify for it is write an essay based on a prompt.

With those weird scholarships and the others you may find in your journey, you should be able to secure the funding you need for your college education.

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Dannie Jasmine Mule Deer Scholarship

Apr 17, 2012 by Joanna

Didn't even know this existed, thanks!

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