Veterinary Scholarships

If you have a love for animals that is driving you towards aspirations for a veterinary career, there are many colleges out there for you that offer high quality courses that will prepare you for such a career appropriately. However, the cost of college may be driving you a bit crazy as you are seeking a way to prepare for getting a degree, as it can be extreme, especially to those that don’t have finances appropriate for such an expense. Instead of racking your brain about how to prepare, you can start by simply getting online or seeking colleges in your area, or even those out-of-state you are interested in, to determine what veterinary scholarships are available to fund your veterinary degree.

What Are Veterinary Scholarships And How Are They Used?

A veterinary scholarship is awarded to students who are planning a degree in a related field, or those that are already enrolled in such a career. You can be still in high school, preparing to graduate, or even enrolled in a college course already, showing great progress and potential. The criteria for such awards is different and can pertain to different students at various levels and in various locations, with colleges awarding their own students as well.

Following a veterinary career can be quite rewarding in the future, offering a great salary range that provides a very comfortable financial future. However, when you are first starting out, you can experience great issues when it comes to paying for high costing student loans borrowed for your education. At this early time in your career, you will likely be making lower wages and salaries, and it can be difficult to support yourself while repaying such loans. However, with veterinary college scholarships, the costs are eliminated, or at least decreased considerably, which means you can enjoy your first career steps and begin immediately building that strong financial foundation you have been imagining all through college.

Scholarships For Veterinary Students To Consider

For those that are desiring an education in the veterinary field, there are several scholarships that you can consider. While each is different and carries different requirements, you can find those that apply to you and seek funding from each. For those that don’t receive full tuition scholarships, combining these awards can be a very strategic and successful method of reducing costs for college as far as possible.

  • The TLC Veterinary Scholarship Program is offered to students who meet various qualifications, such as:
    • Outstanding progress in their veterinary-related courses
    • Active history within cat outreach programs within the community
    • Provide guardianship of some form to cats
    • Currently working or interning in an organization dedicated to well-being of cats on various levels

This award can vary based on the need and level of the student, as well as the costs for tuition or current costs for loans.

  • The American Kennel Club (AKC) Veterinary Student Scholarships has been offered to students for over 10 years, aimed at aiding in the education of those students pursuing a career in animal care. Through various contributions from many funding sources, the scholarship is able to award $145,000 to a variety of students currently pursuing a college degree in the veterinary field.
  • The Ocean State Veterinary Specialists (OSVS) Compassionate Care Scholarship is offered to one student each year who is showing active interest and effort in providing care to animals, protecting rights of animals, or even pursuing issues within the community of medicine.  The award varies based on tuition costs, and can be very considerable for those with high financial need.

When it comes to finding other scholarships for veterinary students, there are several others, which include the Thoroughbred Scholarship, Tufts Cummings school-specific scholarship, and the Saul T. Wilson Jr. Scholarship Program, all which can provide thousands in college funding, which is a great help for those that are relying on financial aid to pay for college.

Using veterinary scholarships should be a top choice as you begin preparing, and application for all awards can be done very simply whether online or by mail. The more that you have done within the field and the better your GPA is, the better the opportunities become, and those who have scholastic talent such as writing can find several opportunities in which application is done with a well-written veterinary topic related essay. You can even find several schools that specialize in the field or those that have core programs in the field that will also offer great vet school scholarships to their own student-base, dependent on various factors including merit.

If you are interested in pursuing the veterinary field, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the vet scholarships that are provided. Missing out on these awards only causes you to pay more for your degree, and these costs can be very high. If you want a considerable education with funding that you never are required to repay, you should be looking for available scholarships to help pave the way. With the internet, you can find all the awards offered, and even apply within minutes to be considered for thousands of dollars in funding just for your veterinary degree.

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