Scholarships for African Students

There are many scholarships for African students available. It just takes a bit of research to be able to find them all and see if you qualify for them. There are sources online that are services online that can help to connect anybody to scholarships. These sources include,, and The way these resources work is quite simple. You simply put in all of your information. You include what school you go to, what state you are in, and any other piece of information that may connect you to a scholarship. Then, the website does the rest. They display a list of scholarships for which you are qualified. You are then able to choose which scholarships are worth applying for. Sometimes, you may not qualify as they thought you did, and other times, you will find scholarships that are very simple to apply for. However, there are some sources available specifically for African students to get scholarships too. is one such source. This website has thousands of scholarships and grants available to students in Africa. The aim of this website is to make Africa even better than it is now. This is a great resource for an African student to connect to scholarships they need. If an African student is a foreign exchange student, there are even more opportunities for him or her to find scholarships. There are programs like Diversity Abroad that offer these scholarships. They offer many forms of financial aid as well. They offer loans and grants. You simply put in a little information about yourself on their website and they can connect with the financial options that are available to you. Some Universities also offer scholarships specifically for minority students. African students should qualify for many of these scholarships. This is certainly something to consider while figuring out what school to attend and in estimating costs. Even a school which is more expensive in general will cost an African student less because of the scholarships available. The amount of these scholarships varies greatly. At Augustina College alone, this amount varies from one thousand to five thousand dollars.

African students will want to look beyond scholarships that are available for only African’s. There are many scholarships available for all minorities which African students would qualify for. For example Idaho offers a “Minority and ‘At-Risk’ student scholarship.” Students can qualify for this scholarship in many ways. They may be a first generation college student, disabled, have financial need, or be from an under-represented ethnicity. This includes African students. There are also many scholarships available for performance. Most universities offer scholarships for athletics, music, and academics. These scholarships are extremely helpful in paying for tuition costs. Universities will offer academic scholarships primarily based upon grade point average and test scores. The ACT and SAT are the two primary tests used. Athletic scholarships are sometimes available to everyone who participates on a school team. The amount and the difficulty to obtain the scholarships will vary from school to school. The same applies to music scholarships. Some scholarships are available simply for participation in a program whereas other music scholarships are based primarily on the quality of an audition. There are many options for African students to look into to find scholarships which are perfect for them. Many of these resources are available online. Applying for scholarships can be very simple, only requiring a little bit of research. Other scholarships require an essay or two, but may still be worth the time. Still others are available simply for attending a particular University. With so many scholarships for African students available, any African student is sure to find a fit for them.

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