NAACP Scholarships

NAACP scholarships are minority scholarships that means only minorities can apply for them. NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.NAACP is the oldest and largest civil rights association.

The NAACP scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis and in different categories and quantities, there are scholarships for graduates and undergraduates and quantities depend on each scholarship and your personal category as graduate or undergraduate.

Students are not limited by location, the 50 states are divided in 7 different regional areas; called by the Comitee Region 1 to Region 7 and each area is granted at least one scholarship, one region may be awarded 2 or 3 scholarships.

There are five different types of scholarships, each with its own characteristics and rules about application and funds given. The best funded one is the Earl G. Graves Scholarship, which has an stipendium of $ 5,000 dollars for each chosen student, the Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship follows it with a grant of $1,500 for Undergraduates, and $2,500 for Graduates. The Lillian & Samuel Sutton Education Scholarship has awards for Graduates of $ 2,000 and $ 1,000 for Undegraduates, the Roy Wilkins Scholarship with a $ 1,000 award and the Hubertus W. V. Willems Scholarship For Male Students which offers $2,000 for Undergraduates and for Graduates $3,000.

Each scholarship has different winners, the Earl G. Graves Scholarship awarded 12 different students from the 7 competing regions meanwhile the Hubertus W. V. Willems Scholarship For Male Students awarded just 7 students.

Every Scholarship has set it own set of rules, you can see the rules that apply for each scholarship. This is a short compendium of every scholarship rules.

Earl G. Graves Scholarship is for Undergraduate Junior, Undergraduate Senior, Graduate Student with a 2.5 GPA, students have to be in the top 20% of their class, locations and schools are open, which means everyone can apply.

Applicants to the Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship have to follow these criteria: NAACP membership, US Citizenship, students can be full time Undergraduates or part time Graduates, they have to prove financial need and a score of 3.0 GPA for Graduates or 2.5 for Undergraduates and finally they have to be younger than 25 years. Major, schools and location are open so there are no restrictions regarding study areas, college or university type or where are geographically.

Lillian & Samuel Sutton Education Scholarship criteria are: Student has to a US citizen, be a full time student in a legitimate college located in United States, Undergraduates should be full-time students, Graduates can be part-time students, GPA score for Graduate students has to be 3.0 or higher. Locations of college is open but only Graduates majoring in Education can apply. HBCU schools are only considered for this scholarship.

The criteria under which the Roy Wilkins Educational Scholarship is given, are the following: student has to be an Undergraduate freshman with US citizenship, full time student in a US college and the minimum GPA score to be considered is 2.5, admission is open to any college, on any major and in any location within the United States.

Finally the Willems, Hubertus W. V. Scholarship for Male Students is reserved to (obviously) male students who want to study any of these options ( Engineering, Physics, Mathematical Sciences or Chemistry) in undergraduate or graduate school. The student has to be a US citizen and he will have to be a full time student on any US college, he will be also asked proof he is financially in need and his GPA is more than 3.0.
The location and college are open meaning it can be any accredited college located within the US territory.
The winners are Winners selected by an annual Scholarship Committee Board, a section of the Education Committee and they receive an official NAACP letter announcing the awards.

This is a brief explanation of how the NAACP scholarships works, the quantities granted and the criteria used to select the candidates, please visit the NAACP website.

As you may know, colleges are raising their fees that means students will have to apply for more student credit. These student credits once you end your studies are a financial burden. That´s why it is important for students to apply for NAACP scholarships, scholarships like NAACP scholarships will help you financially and focus on your studies.

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