Eagle Scout Scholarships

The task of becoming an Eagle Scout is difficult and requires hard work, determination, a strong intellect, and a supportive family. Eagle Scouts, by definition, are upstanding members of local communities who have dedicated large amounts of time and effort towards a noble goal. Eagle Scouts typically maintain a strong set of leadership skills and have been seen throughout American history as a fine group of young people who are more than capable of succeeding in just about any set of circumstances. As a result of these requirements many organization, companies, and colleges/universities are willing to offer scholarships to prospective students who have completed Eagle Scout training. Eagle Scout Scholarships take on a wide variety of forms and can range in monetary value. For the most part, organizations offering scholarships specifically to Eagle Scouts are looking to support individuals who are dedicated and refined. The following scholarships have been identified as serving ONLY Eagle Scouts, however, it is important to remember that Eagle Scout status will more than likely improve an applicant’s chances of earning just about any scholarship available.

The most common Eagle Scout scholarship/award is offered through the National Eagle Scout Association. These scholarships are merit based, meaning they require strong academic performance, and have a maximum value of $1,000. These scholarships have a strict Jan. 31 deadline. It is important to note that these scholarships are offered through regional offices. This fact is incredibly important for individual who are living in rural areas. If you are the only applicant seeking the scholarship then your chances of getting the award are extremely high!

The National Society of Sons of the American Revolution, a Washington, DC based historical society, also offers scholarships to Eagle Scouts. These awards have a maximum value of $8,000 and can be renewed annually. The criteria for selection are based on the concept of civic leadership and a high degree of active citizenship. Students interested in this award should begin preparing for the submission of their application several years before they are in need.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States also offers a very competitive scholarship package to Eagle Scouts. The maximum amount for these awards is $5,000. As a prerequisite for this award applicants must demonstrate exemplar citizenship and leadership within their community. Applications for this award must be submitted through a local VFW post in the applicant’s community. If you are unaware of your local VFW post and are planning on seeking this scholarship it may be a good idea to begin working with the post in order to develop a strong relationship.

In addition to scholarships through private organization and non-profits, many colleges and universities offer their own Eagle Scout Scholarship. The following is a short list of some of those colleges/universities: Syracuse University, Springfield College, Missouri Valley College, Grand Canyon College, Saint Vincent College, and Texas A&M University.

Eagle Scouts with a specific faith preference (religious affiliation) also have the opportunity for additional scholarships/awards. The Chester M. Vernon Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship Program offers monetary awards of up to $1,000 for Eagle Scouts of the Jewish Faith. The National Catholic Committee on Scouting also offers monetary awards of up to $2,500 for Catholic Eagle Scouts. In both cases the scout’s family must demonstrate strong financial needs in order to qualify for the scholarship.

Perhaps the largest scholarship available to Eagle Scouts and their families is sponsored by the American Legion. The American Legion’s Scout of the Year program provides massive scholarships of up to $25,000 to members of scout troops who are officially registered through a local American Legion Post. These scholarships are also available to Eagle Scouts who are the grandson of a current American Legion member.

Finally, the National Eagle Scout Association updates a current list of scholarships that are available to their Eagle Scouts. The list is made up of hundreds of potential scholarship opportunities, many available only to Eagle Scouts. This list is the most up to date information on Eagle Scout scholarships available.

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