3 Reputable Colleges That Offer Software Engineering Degrees

Do you have an interest in engineering, or have an greater passion for software engineering? With technology evolving and advancing, software engineering is great field to explore for a career. As a result of the advances occurring, there are jobs constantly being created in this career area.

It’s important to research your desired colleges before attending them. Picking a college with a great reputation is key, but it’s also necessary that it meets all you needs for a college. All of these colleges offer great software engineering programs, but they also are unique in their own ways by providing students with different features.

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Milwaukee School of Engineering is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s private college that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The school is ranked one of the top engineering schools, and it actual offers business and nursing degrees too. Tuition is just shy of $32,000 without the assistance of financial aid and scholarships. Students are guaranteed a 95% job placement rate after graduation, which can be reassuring in this hard economy.

The college is fairly small campus population, consisting of a little more than 2,000 students. The college has a division III sports program. Milwaukee School of Engineering offers various men’s and women’s athletic teams  from Ice Hockey to Soccer.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology is located in Rochester, New York. The climate is rather harsh during the winter. The college has an undergraduate population of approximately 14,000 students. Degrees at RIT range from visual arts to engineering. It costs approximately $33,000 for tuition.

The college offers an undergraduate degree in computer engineering, with a concentration in software engineering. RIT’s program offers extensive training through a 5-year educational plan. It was also ranked by Business Insider as  “The World’s Best Engineering Schools” in 2012.

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology is located in Melbourne, Florida.  With a warmer climate, students who don’t enjoy colder weather would enjoy the university’s campus. The subtropical weather also enabled the campus to construct a beautiful botanical garden. The college is also known as Florida Tech, for short. It costs approximate $34,000 in tuition to attend Florida Tech. Over 14,000 students attend the college. Both graduate and undergraduate programs are offered at Florida Tech.

The undergraduate program in software engineering is in depth and hands-on. Students even have an opportunity to co-op with Microsoft-related projects. Forbes even named Florida Tech as one of America’s Best Colleges.

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